Passport by is a private, customizable solution to help company leaders and teams get back to business safely. Today, Passport is used in 800+ locations around the US by more than 100 employers including financial institutions, hotels and hospitality, entertainment, schools and construction companies. 


Health safety concerns in the construction industry bring unique challenges because workers are frequently dispatched to several locations on any given day, and each worksite may have different entry requirements, and each county different COVID-19 guidelines. The Passport app enables employees to securely assess their health status on their mobile device that aligns with CDC guidelines and can be easily customized for the unique needs of each individual worksite, as well as county and state-specific requirements. 


Employees feel comforted knowing their colleagues are using Passport to self-attest health symptoms daily and knowing the privacy preserving aspects of Passport. Passport uses a privacy-first approach with edge AI technology. This means, data entered into Passport never leaves employees’ phones - employers simply have access to whether or not the employee is eligible for re-entry.


Why the construction industry loves Passport

Passport dashboard-1

Customizable rules & analytics

Passport makes managing the job site entry process seamless with customizable rules. Health and safety administrators can simply edit job entry requirements per location from the employee dashboard. If a job site deployment change of plans happens mid-work day, any updates in the employer dashboard will be instantly pushed to employees’ mobile phones. 


Additionally, using the Analytics tab on the dashboard, administrators can easily export a list of valid and invalid check-ins, without receiving private employee health data. This reporting for HR managers and COVID compliance officers is a key part of a successful return to work strategy.


Multiple languages

Via the customizable dashboard rules, administrators can add worksite entry requirement information written in multiple languages to make the experience quick and easy for employees.


Visitor Badge/Guest Pass

Passport’s Visitor Badge feature offers an easy way to survey contract employees and guests. They simply share their company email address and will go through the same self-attestation process as employees, with no additional set up required. 


Onsite integrations offers custom integrations for smart thermometers across the United States with our Enterprise plan. This can easily make automatic health temperature readings part of your return-to-work entry survey requirements. 

Why Eichleay chose Passport 

Like many companies, Eichleay, Inc. which specializes in the design and construction of industrial processes, manufacturing, life science, and high technology facilities, had been dealing with a lot of changes since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. They needed products and tools that they could trust and that would make it easy for employees to self-check their health status on a daily basis. 


Kristen Airhart, Director of Talent Management at Eichleay, shares why they chose Passport for their employee health safety solution, “The protected health information was probably one of the most important factors in selecting Passport, not just from a company standpoint, but from our employees' concerns. There's a peace of mind for our employees in knowing that their private information - their personal medical information - is not being shared.”


Hear more about Eichleay’s strategy for getting back to business with Passport.



To find out if Passport is right for you, check out Passport with a free, 14-day trial by filling out a registration form


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