Students, parents and university administrators are learning that the pandemic poses unique challenges for college campuses, ranging from speed testing, to self-attestation and access points, to students struggling with social isolation.


Not surprising, there have been multiple outbreaks on college campuses this fall. According to a New York Times survey, more than 214,000 cases have been found on U.S. college campuses since the beginning of the pandemic, most having cropped up during the fall semester. Although young adults with no underlying health conditions such as obesity or diabetes have a relatively low risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms, recovery can take a long time. Universities and colleges also exist in broader communities, which means faculty, staff and close contacts of students may also become infected with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Those individuals may have a higher risk of severe disease.  


With no perfect solutions to these challenges, most universities are focusing on managing the risks on their campuses and in their communities. Faculty and students need better tools to help transition to campus life and beyond during a pandemic.


How Passport by can help


Passport is a private health signature app designed for a safe return to work or school, and clear individuals for safer in-person gatherings. Passport helps people check for potential symptoms of infectious diseases and determines your return-to-campus eligibility. Users simply confirm their health status by completing a series of symptom questions based on validated guidelines (e.g., CDC, state, or employer-specific) before being cleared to return to work. Widely used across school districts in the United States, Passport’s rapid, non-technical onboarding process has made it affordable and frictionless to plan to return to campus.


Easy to use


Passport has an Android and iOS app. As a mobile-friendly solution, Passport can be adopted by both faculty and students returning to campus. also offers custom integrations for third-party devices that are a part of a university’s solutions, ranging from smart handheld thermometers to thermal scanners. Passport also offers a built-in check-in scanner solution that requires no additional hardware, which can be used for check-ins at more granular locations, like classrooms or dining halls. 


“Schools will reopen

as abruptly as they closed—

but only for some.”


As the haiku above from the New York Times intimates, the process and regulations around the reopening of academic institutions is constantly in flux. It’s crucial for administrators to have the appropriate questions based on changing CDC and community guidelines. The Passport web-based dashboard makes the questions/criteria in the app to suit an administrators specific return-to-school eligibility guidelines by office or facility location. 


Privacy forward


Passport uses a privacy-first approach with edge AI technology. University administrators never see their student or employees’ health data; they only see if they are eligible to return to a physical location.


Mental health and return to campus 


Since the pandemic began, college students have reported higher rates of depression and anxiety. A recent survey by the CDC shows that nearly a quarter of the respondents who were 18-24 years old had seriously considered suicide in the 30 days prior to them taking the survey. Even as the need for mental health resources has grown, the pandemic has made it harder for students to access them on campus. And students.


If Passport is right for your university, also provides complimentary access to our mental health companion tool, Serenity. Serenity offers guided chat for mind and mood health and can help both staff and students identify and address issues early on before they become a serious problem. The app can also be used by a clinic to deliver personalized mental health care at scale, which can increase a university’s capacity to provide vital services to students. 

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