The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in the use of virtual and digital mental health services. Since the pandemic and associated lockdowns has left more people in need with less ability to access in-person care, virtual care and other digital tools are more important than ever in supporting existing care, providing scale and increasing capacity.

The pandemic offers a newfound opportunity as we head into 2021 to accelerate the adoption and utilization of digital healthcare tools and virtual care. In doing so, we can significantly improve the long-standing problem of inadequate access to mental health services and more effectively meet mental health needs. 

This is why we’ve developed Serenity, a solution to empower clinicians, researchers, and telehealth providers to build and deploy clinical protocols and materials with ease and at scale. Serenity comes with a pre-built user experience through the Serenity app, and alternatively, the ability to white label your mental health offering in your own app through an SDK.


Widgets and wellness tools

The Serenity Clinical Builder provides an intuitive dashboard that allows clinicians to build and deploy psychoeducational and therapeutic materials to members in a mobile form. In addition or in lieu of authoring protocols, Clinical Builder users have access to a continually growing library of pre-scripted CBT-based multi-session protocols that target major mental health disorders (e.g. Social Anxiety, Depression, PTSD). Each of the protocols can be easily edited and customized to incorporate the Clinical Builder user's own therapeutic materials and resources or to create protocol iterations for different needs (e.g. different reading levels, culture-specific variations).

In addition to guided chat protocols for specific mental health challenges, we’re also happy to introduce a new feature: clinical teams now have access to add pre-created short Wellness Tools. Therapists simply drag and drop the white-labelled clinical content with the widget tool to adapt to care plans for their members. 



This week we released three new Wellness Tools into Serenity Clinical Builder.

  • Gradual exposure stepladder - This exercise walks members through specific steps to take when overcoming a fear they’d like to work on.
  • A simple thought record - Each of us has thousands of quick and automatic thoughts every day. Some are positive and upbeat, while others are distressing. This tool helps people notice and acknowledge these thoughts.
  • Changing unhelpful thinking styles - This tool helps members challenge and balance thoughts that cause negative feelings and can lead to poor decisions.

These tools complement the existing collection of chat delivered wellness tips for breathing calmly, self care, and staying happy while isolated during COVID-19. Using the Insights and Analytics dashboard, clinicians can also monitor patient use of these Wellness Tools within their protocols

Whether you are a telehealth or telemedicine organization or operate a private mental healthcare practice, Clinical Builder is designed to help augment care for your members in between visits.  Learn more about how the Serenity Guided Mental Health solution can help your members.


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