Today, I’m excited to share that has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Sharecare, the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place.

This is a proud moment for our company that reflects our team’s exceptional achievements, and this move aligns with’s founding mission to unlock the value  of health data from research to care.

Sharecare has developed a strong footprint in all existing and future relevant touchpoints in healthcare at an impressive scale, and is able to connect the dots in a single platform that delivers an end-to-end experience. At, we have developed a strong AI tech stack, cutting-edge capabilities, and a suite of products and solutions that are already validated by Fortune 500 customers like Anthem. The combination of both companies will accelerate our impact and growth and help improve the health of millions of people in real time.

We started in 2016, because we recognized early on the need for AI and machine learning to help analyze the current and new wave of health data from smartphones, wearables and sensors. At the same time, we knew privacy had to be front and center for individuals; that is why we’ve also invested heavily into researching and developing cutting-edge, privacy-preserving technologies to achieve our twin goals of respecting privacy while learning and creating models from health data.

In joining the Sharecare team, we will continue to break down data silos in healthcare that will ultimately increase the pace of innovation and create pathways to optimized and personalized health outcomes. 

I am humbled and excited by this new chapter of our journey and want to thank my team for their incredibly smart and hard work.  

Sam De Brouwer

Co-founder and CEO,

Chief strategy officer, Sharecare

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